Sunday, November 1, 2015


Lawsuits are stressful, and getting the correct information and help along the way is important to a successful outcome.  Hiring a professional process server not only saves time and frustration, it is beneficial to the outcome of your legal matter.

Hiring Commissionaires Great Lakes professional Process Service gives you peace of mind that your documents are in extremely capable hands and you’re adhering to the rules set forth by the authorities.

A process server is an individual who delivers a legal notice to the other party, requiring them to appear before the courts to respond to the lawsuit.  Secure and sure delivery of these documents is of supreme importance, not only making the other party aware of the case against them, but giving them the opportunity and time to prepare their own argument.  Once served, the onus is now on the other party to ensure they appear before the courts on the designated day and time.

Process Serving isn’t always easy.  Serving an individual can be challenging at times as they can be difficult to locate, either because they’ve moved, travel frequently or they are being evasive in hopes to avert having to attend court.  Individuals trying to avoid being served will oftentimes become angered and display aggressive behavior when served.   

Commissionaires Great Lakes offers comprehensive process serving and court document filing services, provided by professionally trained staff of former military, RCMP and police services personnel.  They have the skills and training to execute this process with minimal stress, as well as diffuse heated situations.

Depending on the nature of the documents, there are different methods of delivery and Commissionaires Great Lakes will be able to advise you of the process in addition to providing you with solid proof that the other party was successfully served.
A 24/7 Dispatch Centre is available for the Greater Toronto area and Southern Ontario.  Service to other areas in Canada is available upon request.

Commissionaires Great Lakes services include:
  • Minimum 3 attempts at document delivery
  • 72 hour target turnaround for confirmed delivery
  • Document tracking system
  • Discreet, professional service
  • Guaranteed confidentiality, secure handling and fulfilment

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