Thursday, October 1, 2015

Non-Core Police Duties: Containing Costs for Municipalities and Police Forces

Commissionaires Great Lakes offers comprehensive and cost effective non-core police services to help municipalities and police forces improve the quality of life in their communities while containing costs
As part of our complete range of security services, Commissionaires provides enforcement and non-core police services to federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as police forces.
With over 90 years of experience Commissionaires supports police departments across the country by taking on behind-the-scenes, non-core tasks and freeing up police officers for more critical duties. 
Putting Police Officers Back on the Streets
Highly-trained Commissionaires help put police resources back into the front line of duty, protecting communities.
Non-Core police services include:
·         Detainee Services 
·         Traffic Control
·         Prison monitoring/escort transportation
·         Process Serving 
·         By-law enforcement 
·         Summons and subpoena services
·         Crime Scene Security 
·         Administration Support
·         Photo Radar 
·         Evidence custodian
·         Inventory and front desk management
Municipal Services include:
·         By-law enforcement
·         Electronic ticketing
·         Animal control services
·         Detention services
·         Process serving
·         Administration support
Response Centre
Our dependable Response Centre will help manage your ‘on call’ list quickly and efficiently ensuring on call staff are notified according to your pre-set protocols. Save money by eliminating the need to pay on call staff when they are not needed.

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