Monday, June 1, 2015

How can background screening help you streamline hiring processes?

Background screening prospective employees is a key tool in any HR professional’s hiring toolkit – one that’s required to ensure you hire the candidate that is the best fit for your organization.
Tools work best when they’re used as they are designed and often they work best in the hands of an expert. For pre-employment screening that means partnering with an experienced organization – one with the depth of service options to meet all of your hiring needs. Trusted by Canadian businesses for over 85 years, Commissionaires delivers value to hundreds of companies and government departments across Canada. “We didn’t consider anyone else because Commissionaires offered everything we needed and was an obvious solution. We also knew that the cost was reasonable,” says Suzann Park Macleod, First Air.

As the only screening provider with offices nationwide, Commissionaires focuses on providing a personal service for all the screening options your business needs. Key to this is our network of digital fingerprint services. No other screening company can provide nationwide fingerprint service as a back-up to the name-based criminal record check. Personal service, delivered by professional staff at over 40 offices across Canada, means you can easily implement your screening checks at the local, regional and national level.
Commissionaires is a not-for-profit organization with a mandate to hire former military and police veterans. As a result, we have a reliable, expertly trained, professional workforce. This social mandate can help your organization achieve its corporate social responsibility goals related to hiring and community presence.
Contact Commissionaires Great Lakes for more information on how we can help your HR team strengthen and streamline your pre and post hiring activities to reduce costs and save time.

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