Friday, February 21, 2014


Sometimes ordinary people leap out of their normal selves and turn in to a public hero by doing something that is appreciated not only by the local community but also celebrated in the larger spirit of humanity. One such act was carried out by none other than our very own CM Edward McGourty, a crossing guard contracted by Crescent School in Toronto.

It was the evening of January 14th when CM McGourty was going about performing his duties stationed near the school. According to an eye witness the traffic lights had turned red at the bottom of the driveway when an elderly pedestrian, walking with a cane, was trying to cross the road in order to catch a bus. CM McGourty realized that the elderly man must be stopped as he could not see an ambulance going through the intersection heading south without its sirens on, just the lights. CM McGourty sprinted towards the elderly man and stopped him. Had CM McGourty not stopped the elderly person, he would have continued on in to the path of the ambulance. Hence, CM McGourty saved a precious human life by stepping out of his normal duties and acting in the favor of greater human service.

Commissionaires Great Lakes would like to publicly acknowledge and thank CM McGourty for his heroic act ad he stands a very good chance of securing the 2014 Chairman’s Award for Lifesaving Activity.

Commissionaires Great Lakes is proud to have many other crossing guards like CM McGourty and is privileged to have the services of such people who go the extra mile in order to serve the society. It proves that crossing guards are more than just a mere presence to watch and protect children going to school but they’re also a valuable human asset that must be present on our roads to keep a guarding eye on the surroundings.

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