Monday, October 28, 2013

All Fingerprinting Services Aren't The Same!

Canadians are sometimes required to find and use fingerprinting services to have their fingerprints professionally taken. The most common reason is to conduct a certified criminal record check to prove with certainty that you have no criminal record in Canada. A certified criminal record check can be required for reasons as varied as adoptions, foreign travel including Visas, U.S. waivers and border crossing, applications for Canadian Citizenship, applications to obtain your criminal record when applying for a pardon, applications for permanent residency in foreign countries, employment, volunteer work and name changes.

If you’ve been asked to provide fingerprints for whatever reason, it’s essential that you use reliable and approved fingerprinting services. Because fingerprints are such an important part of your personal identity, you don’t want them falling in to the wrong hands. Realizing that taking fingerprints requires skill and strong security measures, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have set up an official accreditation scheme to monitor and approve fingerprinting services and ensure that they are using the highest possible standards and best practices. By using a RCMP accredited fingerprinting service, you can be sure that your fingerprints will be reliably taken with accuracy and will be stored and transmitted using the highest possible security.

Choosing the best fingerprinting service for your certified criminal record check can be a time consuming experience. To ensure that you receive a completely professional and secure service and that your processing times are kept to a minimum, make sure you choose a RCMP accredited fingerprinting service.

Commissionaires offers RCMP accredited cutting-edge digital fingerprinting services for fast and reliable results nationwide.

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