Friday, August 5, 2016

City of London Parking Services

Commissionaires Great Lakes, in partnership with the City of London, announced the rebranding of London Parking Enforcement to London Parking Services.

Commissionaires Great Lakes has been in partnership with the City of London since 1988. Last week, City Council approved a new 5 year contract which marks a new beginning and vision for Parking Services in the City of London – a new look, new approach and added value.

The public will now notice Commissionaires Parking Services Officers wearing new uniforms. The traditional military style uniform - white shirt, black pants and enforcement crest - worn for 27 years is now gone and the officers are wearing a “relaxed and approachable” look with blue golf shirts and navy cargo pants. Vehicles have also been rebranded to match the service.  Along with the new look, Customer Service is now a featured priority, as proposed educational blitzes throughout the year.
Highlights of the new service include:

·   Regulations ensure efficient use of roadway space, parking lots and increase safety.
·   Education and information are the preferred tools to inform motorists of regulations.
·   Parking Services Officers are now reporting issues that they notice require action outside of parking matters.
·   Quality customer service is priority and individually each officer can make a daily decision to make London better!
·   Value added service is key to changing public perception, building relationships and changing culture.
·   Professionalism, character, initiative and taking the extra step to create a better customer service experience.
·   Tickets are not the goal – Compliance is.

If any member of the public needs assistance such as directions, or have questions, the Parking Services Officers will be pleased to assist and we encourage you to say Hello!

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