Monday, December 1, 2014

Investigation Services

Commissionaires Great Lakes launched a comprehensive new Investigations Department in July 2014. The addition of High Performance Surveillance capability, as well as, the ability to conduct Specialty Searches for clients, has taken us to the next level.

Commissionaires Great Lakes offers a wide range of Investigation Services for both business and personal needs. We have a broad range of Investigations Services under such specializations as Interviewing and Statement Taking, Field Operations & Surveillance, Specialty Investigations& various other types of investigations.

Reduce Risk/Minimize Loss
Our expert investigators will provide you with professional and confidential services to meet your needs.  Whether you’re looking to protect your business from fraud or crime to loss of intellectual property or physical assets, Commissionaires can help you.  Through detailed planning and execution, coupled with the latest technology, our expertise provides Clients with Best in Class Service.

Commissionaires Great Lakes Investigators go that extra mile to ensure you and your business are protected.

We are excited to announce our newly developed, Independent Investigator training program which is designed to help students through the initial licensing process, as well as, prepare them for real-world field work and investigation deployment.   We offer two (2) courses to choose from:

For our full range of services & training please visit us at 

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