Friday, July 5, 2013

Hosting an event… protect your guests!

Why security guard services are important for events?

You’re planning an event, everything is in control, and you know your event will be a huge success. But wait, did you hire any additional security guards? If not, you should!

Security is not only restricted to large corporate events or rock concerts; whether it’s a wedding, funeral, sporting event, prom night, trade show or any other personal or professional celebration, you and your guests must feel safe. There are times when the unexpected can happen and event security guards are specialized and trained to control them and protect the people & premises.

Many companies hire full time guards but there are several reasons why we should anticipate the need for hiring event security guard services. For some internal events your in-house security would be enough, but when you organize larger events you will need extra support.

The visibility of security guards at your event gives guests an impression that their safety means a lot to you.

You can hire security guards for short term events on short notice.

Commissionaires Great Lakes has been protecting people and property for over 88 years. Call us to learn how we can protect you and your guests at your special event.

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